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Feedback from our school leavers cards 

We were extremely touched by the kind words written in cards by the parents of this years school leavers, here are just a few examples (names have been left blank):

"Thank you for all your help and support over the last 3 years"

"Thank you for looking after ___ & getting her ready for school. You're all Stars."

"I feel sad that ___'s time at Rainbow is coming to an end as it seems like yesterday that I was dropping him off as a 10 month old in the baby room! Since then he has grown and developed and I know that he will always look back on his time at Rainbow with very happy memories."

"We would like to say a big thankyou for all the care given to ___ in her time at nursery. You have all contributed in giving her the best start for her journey through school"

"Thank you for all you've done over the past couple of years for ___. He came to you a very shy little boy who didn't like to leave me to a confident (still shy at times) little lad who loves nursery and seeing all his friends & "ladies" from nursery. While he has been with you he's learnt so much. Sometimes teaching me. But my recent highlight was when he was sitting quietly the other week, I looked down at his writing pad & he'd copied a whole sentence out from a board quite a distance away! Surprised!!! He really has enjoyed Rainbows & I must say a heartfelt thank you for your support."

"Thank you for looking after my children for the last 6 years."

"Thank you for all your great work over the years looking after both ___ & ___. They both loved their time at Rainbow and it will be strange with them now at school."

"Thank you all for making ___'s time in pre-school educational and fun. Your hardwork & support is very much appreciated. ___ is going to miss you all but will see some of you at holiday club :-)"

"Finding a nursery that you trust enough to leave your children in their care is very difficult and I can't really put into words just how grateful I am that I found one. Not once have I worried about leaving ___ & ___. Totally confident in your ability to nurture and support my children - not to mention the support you have given me over the years. All of your hard work is so very much appreciated and my thanks to you all is heartfelt. Thank you, we will miss you all."



If your child attends Rainbow Nursery or has done in the past and you would like to give some feedback to be included on our website, please contact us. We would be very pleased to hear from you.


Note from the Chairperson


Hi!  My name is Hayley Green, this is my first year as chair of the committee and I have been on the committee for 2 years. My own career background is in secondary education and whilst there are some similarities are also a lot of differences and I feel I am on quite a learning curve!


I decided to send my daughter, Isobel, aged 6 months to Rainbow Nursery (6 years ago) because of its excellent reputation within the community for delivering high quality nursery provision and although she is now at school she still attends the afterschool club daily. I never considered sending my youngest daughter anywhere else, she is now currently in the toddler room.

What I like the most about our nursery is how much of the learning is child led with adult support but what I love about Rainbow is the family atmosphere and the enthusiasm of the staff, this makes a big difference as a “mummy or daddy” when you let your child go into the care of strangers; within a short amount of time both of my daughters settled in and didn’t want to come home! They still don’t and I often get told to “come back later, mummy!”


What many people, myself included 6 years ago, don’t realise is that Rainbow Nursery is run as a charity; this means that there is no one making a profit from the care given to our children at the setting. Personally I like the fact that all the money from fees goes straight back into Rainbow; to constantly improve the service we offer and update the facilities we have. I always enjoy going into the setting and seeing the new toys, equipment and resources that Mandy (the Nursery Manager) has been able to purchase. It is not only the purchasing of these items and improving the facilities that fees pay for but also investing in our best resource, our staff. At Rainbow we are lucky to have a caring, motivated and skilled team of staff. I am proud of how highly trained the staff at Rainbow are and we are always improving by completing ongoing training.


The committee behind the staff is made up of parents that give input and decide on matters ranging from new resources to purchase, recruitment to policies and procedures. As a parent and a committee member it is an honour to be a part of the Rainbow family and to be able to help ensure that we make the care given to our children the best we possibly can.

Over the past twelve months, the committee has worked extremely hard and has have raised over £4,000 and helped to provide reading books for all ages, renovating the outside baby and toddler areas, purchasing soft play equipment to name a few. We are in the process of applying for grants and funding to improve the outdoor play areas to allow all children outside play throughout the year whatever the weather.


I believe that the service and level of care that Rainbow offers is unique. They are able to care for a child from a 12 week old baby right through to an 11 year old approaching their first day of secondary school, all the time the child is learning through having fun and new experiences.


The early years of a child’s life are vital and incredibly important as they absorb so much as they start their own learning journeys and my own children have benefited so much from their time at Rainbow so far and will continue to do so. They have learnt so much from learning the basics of counting, social skills and building friendships. As you can see I am incredibly proud of Rainbow and hope you will be too.

If you have any questions about our nursery do not hesitate to contact me. I can be found at nursery most days, otherwise just drop me an email


Hayley Green - Chairperson












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