Baby & Toddler Rooms

Welcome to our baby and toddler page. We will be posting updates and important information here for parents to access at any time.

This will be aimed at our baby and toddler rooms only. 

When possible we will add photos of activities and ideas for you to do at home. 

We will not be sending newsletters home in order to support our Eco-friendly initiative which will reduce the amount of ink and paper that we use at the nursery. 

Children that are transitioning to our Pre-school room have been having a lovely time getting used to the new room and different staff. 

The children have been coming over to Pre-school in small groups and for short periods of time in preparation for moving up.

The next round of application for funding will be given out to eligible children in the next few weeks ready for when their funding starts after Easter

Welcome to all our new starters! 

We have been very lucky in having a new group of children starting or just started with us in the last few weeks! 

Our Toddler room is very busy at the moment and the children have enjoyed all the shared experiences. 

We will be sharing some of our creations with you over the next few weeks! 

The Baby Room has been exploring with some new natural resources this week! 

We have posted some more pictures on Facebook if you get chance to have a look! 

Our new colourful surface for the children to play on - we are sure that there will be lots of beach and sea adventures. 

We are getting ready to learn all about Harvest!

Here is our display board from the baby room.

The children all helped to paint the veg ready for the display

Has your child just turned 2 years old? 

Have you had an appointment through for your child's progress check with the Health Visitor? 

If you have answered yes to both of these questions then please can you let us know.


We must also do a progress check and a report for you to take to the health visitor however they do not let us know so sometimes we miss each other (sometimes we are too soon and sometimes the health visitor beats us to it!).


If you have an appointment coming up, we can ensure that we can pass on all the correct details to you. You can let a member of staff know when you drop off or collect

or you let us know here

2 year old progress checks

Wellies, Sun Hats & Sun Cream 

Please can all children have wellies, sun hat & sun cream for each session they attend. 

The nursery has limited spares of sun hats and sun cream - we do have a limited number of spare wellies but not in all sizes. 

The children are all aware of the outside routine and can become upset when they do not have their own wellies or sun hats like their friends. 

Sun cream must be applied by a parent/carer when the child is first dropped off at the nursery. Staff will reapply later in the day (usually after lunch)

Nappies, Wipes & Nappy Sacks

Please can parents ensure that they pack enough nappies and wipes for the time their child is at the nursery. 

We have had a number of occasions were children have either run out of nappy, wipes and sometimes both. 

We do have a small amount of nappy's and wipes that can be used in an emergency however parents will be charged for this in their monthly invoice. 

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