Rainbow Nursery Charity Committee


As a charity and committee managed nursery we have a unique opportunity for parents to be apart of shaping how the nursery is run.

Parental involvement is informal and voluntary, but it is the lifeblood of our nursery and critical to its future – without a committee Rainbow Nursery would not exist.

The Committee is responsible for fundraising and overseeing the Nursery. A meeting is held each half term with the Annual General Meeting held in the Autumn Term (Were possible).

Committee members can be parents and members of the local community which in turn ensures that the nursery is running in the best possible way for all our families. Giving parents a voice in how the care we provide can be shaped and molded to benefit all our children.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

A committee will need to have a shared vision of what the nursery is about and what its end goals might be. The committee is responsible for the overall management and organisation of the setting along-side the nursery management.

Our committee has a core group of people who have specific roles and responsibilities in addition to those of a general committee members.

· Chairperson

· Secretary

· Treasurer

Committees can vary in size but need to have enough members to carry out necessary tasks; too many members can result in the committee being unmanageable and ineffective. Therefore we aim for between 3-8 members including the 3 core roles above

Committees will usually meet each term and when making decisions has to meet its quorum, (this refers to the minimum number of committee members needed at a meeting, usually three members). They will also ensure that an AGM (in a membership organisation) is called.

The committee has the power to create and adapt aims and objectives for the group, and to make policy decisions designed to assist with achieving these aims. If the aims and objectives have already been established, then each committee member must know what they are and understand what they mean.

Committee members work with the Manager to ensure that the legal requirements and childcare arrangements have suitable aims and objectives.

The committee is responsible for recruitment, staff training, development, paying salaries and managing contracts of employment but also provide support, guidance and help lead the staff team.

Being part of committee can be both enjoyable and rewarding, individuals bring with them various skills, talents, expertise and ideas that can be used to enhance the group. In return, opportunities to develop new skills in areas such as management, marketing and recruitment can be gained.

If you are interested in finding out more about or joining the committee, you can request more information from the contact us page and add your request in the message section

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