Whats New @ Rainbow

Rainbow Nursery is a non profit charity, so we use the money raised by fee's and fundraising to pay all the bills and the staff (they would be grumpy if we didn't!). Then what ever is left we use to purchase new items for the children to play with or use. Here is a few of the items that have been recently purchased. The children love to explore new things so it is great that with all your support we can buy these for them!

If you would like to learn more about fundraising for the nursery then please speak to a member of staff! 

Look at our new outside areas! 

Our toddlers are enjoying the new surface area. Blue for the sea and Yellow for the sand! everyday at Rainbow is a day at the beach. 

Our preschool outside area has also had a re-vamp. No more paving slabs to ride their bikes on. We have Green, Yellow and Blue

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